9:52 PM July 19, 2013

Santhosh Pandit got eliminated from the Reality show

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Santhosh Pandit

After giving a grand welcome in the show, the contestant Santhosh Pandit got out from the show.  He is one of the favorite contestants of the audience of this reality show. After handling so many departments by himself for his directorial venture of the film he earned hatred and negative comments from so many people. The person who handles the press meet and interviews with his controversial statements has become one of the favorite contester in the controversial Reality show. And trough this the hatred against him has considerably gone down.

5:22 PM July 19, 2013

Sneha out of Malayalee House



Sneha becomes the first inmate to go out of the reality show Malayalee House being disqualified. While it is not known whether she will be allowed a reentry to the show.  She is disqualified as being found out as contacting someone outside over the phone there are hundreds of questions arising out of the incident of Sneha getting out of the show. How she was able to contact outside? Who was on line with her? Whether it was planned or accidental? Why Rahul Eshar is always blamed for the problems? etc.

Sneha nambiar was disqualified and sent out of the show on finding out that she did contact some one outside when they allowed for a movie. This is revealed to Rahul and others by herself and found out by the malayalee house camera. Now the game is to continue with 10 contestants G S Pradeep, Rahul Eshwar, Sindhu Joy, Rossin Jolly, Sherrin Varghese, Sasha, Neena Kurup, Thinkal Bhal and Santhosh Pandit.


9:27 AM June 17, 2013

Is ‘Malayali House’ really Malayali oriented

7:39 AM June 17, 2013

Revathi withdraws from the presenter’s post of ‘Malayali House’


Revathi in Malayalee House

Trivandrum: Malayali ‘House’ of Surya TV faces lot of criticism and at the same time its rating goes sky-high. Because of the severe criticism from several quarters and the threat of legal action, the anchor of the program Revathi is reportedly withdrawing from the program. Moreover, now the National Association of Women  has come to the scene against the obscene contents of the show. Lastly the State Women’s Commission also has expressed its displeasure against the show.

The criticizers say that this show is full of obscenity and its contents are not in tune with the morals of Keralaits. A legal petition has come to the court for its removal from the channel. In ‘Malayali House’ a group of celebrity stars are being shown locked up in a house. This is said to be the true copy of ‘House Big Brother’ and ‘Big Boss’.

It’s without the knowledge of the actors that it is shot and telecast. Right from beginning to end it’s full of obscenity and dialogues with double meaning. Though Revathi has explained that the shooting is done with the knowledge of the actors criticism continued to pour in. This is the reason which prompted Revathi to quit the program. Though she has not declared formally that she is quitting, it’s known that she will not be there in the coming episodes. But Surya TV has denied it as baseless.

7:49 AM June 3, 2013

Santosh Pandit is waiting for a re-entry into the show


Santosh Pandit

Hyderabad: The ousted participant of Malayali House, Santosh Pandit remains stay put at Hyderabad itself refusing to return to Kerala. He is waiting for a re-entry into the show. Santosh revealed this to the private news channel ‘Reporter on live’.

He was the most favourite participant of the show and his ouster was based on certain wrong assessments, he said. This is what he has known from the SMSs he received. And the SMSs are a reflection of his popularity among the viewers.

Anyway, he is not sad about his ouster, as he is quite busy with his new movie ‘Minimolude Achan’. He is on the final touches of this movie. Once this is over he is ready to start his next movie ‘Kalidasan Kavitha Ezhuthukayanu’. It was from the midst on these chores that he came to Kerala House. So leaving it is not that worrisome for him.

Ashitha, Bindu, Bala and Harisankar were the other people who were eliminated from the show along with Santosh Pandit. It was only after his actual ouster that he knew, he was liked by many of the general viewers. Some participants of the show didn’t even have sufficient morals or ethics, he felt. He expressed his inability to teach these guys ethics and morals.

Santosh Pandit has a bad reputation of having misbehaved in many of his previous TV interviews. But in Malayali House he was very well-behaved and that made him a favourite of the viewers. When many of the old respected participants lost their respect with this show Santosh regained his lost respect. That way he is thankful to this show.

7:44 AM June 3, 2013

Santhosh Pandit’s grand return to Malayali House in a magician’s attire


Santhosh Pandit returns to Malayali House

Kochi: Surya TV was forced to call back Santosh Pandit, eliminated in the first round from the popular realty show Malayali House. His elimination was a hot subject of discussion for about a week all over Kerala and in the internet. Even those who were against Santosh Pandit before, also turned his supporters after seeing Malayali House.

Santosh Pandit had alleged that he was a victim of group dynamics in the show. When this was known to everybody, the public demand to bring him back to the show grew large. Many social networking sites including face book raised the same demand. In the end he was called back by Surya.

Surya started showing visuals announcing Santosh’s come-back. In this advt:, Santosh was shown as a magician landing the stage in the traditional magician’s attire.

News is taking rounds that it was for increasing the rating of the show that he was called back. When the real image of many participants was visible in the show Santosh’s decent behavior was lauded by almost every one.